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6.6 Magnitude Earthquake strikes North of Rome Italy

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6.6 Magnitude Earthquake struck 170km north of Rome in Italy.  According to reports the epicenter of the Earthquake was closer to Norcia, the same area hit by two earthquakes last week and a previous earthquake in Augusts that killed nearly 300 people. 

Around 20 people injured while no death reports reported in the area.  The Earthquake was worst recorded in Italy for 36 years - and was felt 100 miles away in Rome.  Several churches crumbled in the lasts quake including the famous Norcia church built in the 14th century.

අවසන් යාවත්කාලීන කිරීම 2016 ඔක්තෝබර් 31 වෙනි සදුදා, 07:41  
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