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“Trinity” Goes Green

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On 12th of August 2017, Trinity College Kandy has launched and implemented solar power project which is contributing to fulfil whole current energy need of the school. 100KWp of electricity can be generated from current power project. This wonderful project was initialized by 1992 batch of Trinity College to celebrate 25th anniversary of their leaving from Trinity and this can be considered as a symbol of old boys affection towards this one of the most reputed college of magnificent hill country in Sri Lanka. School current staff, contemporary teachers of 1992 batch and other important people attended to inaugurate this significant event. This project contributes to make Trinity Eco-friendly and to create a sustainable community in the country.



Solar energy consumption can be considered as source of environmental conservation. Solar energy is a major renewable energy source with the potential to meet many of the challenges facing the world. There are many reasons to promote Solar  share in the energy market. This power source is increasing in popularity because it is versatile with many benefits to people and the environment.

Why solar power is much important in global level? How can we find answers for this burning question?

So, important of solar energy is basically related with environmental conservation. Due to increasing environmental problems like global warming and etc., environmental conservation has been becoming a major issue of current world.

How solar power can contribute to environmental conservation?

Solar energy is a clean and safe. Burning hydrocarbons, like petrol, diesel whatever else creating carbon dioxide and water vapor, which can be considered as main sources of excessive greenhouse effect which causes to devastating phenomena global warming. And hydropower plants can cause to crisis related with agriculture, aquatic resources and etc. Nuclear power plants are efficient, but there is a high risk of nuclear leakages that contribute to massive destructions. In that sense, we can clearly emphasize that solar energy is clean and safe energy source. In Sri Lanka, people`s knowledge about solar energy is relatively low .General public is not much interested in this low cost, eco-friendly energy source what we can efficiently utilize because of our country`s geographical location within a tropical zone near to the equator. Sri Lanka is a country which receives the sun light throughout the twelve months of the year. Policy makers should take necessary steps to raise public awareness over this issue. We can start this from schools, even now solar energy has been included in science syllabuses but however the space which is allocated for learning about solar energy is not sufficient. Still, the topic has been considered as minor issue in our school system. But that back ground should be changed immediately. Solar energy concept should be deserved a major or prominent place in science studies in Sri Lankan educational system.

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