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Climate change has made a huge impact in today’s world. With the glaciers melting in the North Pole and deforestation taking place around the world, it is quite evident that we have made space for a disastrous climatic change to take place. Over the last Centuries the Indian Ocean has been warming at a faster rate than other oceans in the world. The change of the temperature is between 0.7 0C to 1.2 0C, while the global mean change is put in to a 0.80C perspective.

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Asian Countries among World’s Worst Marine Polluters

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Every year, between five and 13 million more tons of plastics wind up in the world’s oceans and a whopping 80 percent of that waste pours in from just 20 countries. China is the most egregious offender, discarding nearly 30 percent of the world’s ocean-bound plastics, according to a new country-by-country analysis of plastic trash in the sea


No matter where it comes from, these plastics kill thousands of seabirds, sea turtles and marine mammals each year. Discarded bottles and packaging containers can also leak chemicals such as bisphenol A, which could be consumed by fish and eventually cause health problems for consumers. The economic cost of such

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Emerging economies face as much as 10 per cent losses in working hours because of deteriorating thermal conditions in the workplace due to climate change, according to a new report released today.

The estimated losses imply adverse consequences of a similar scale to economic output, or GDP, for a wide range of developing countries, including India, Indonesia and Nigeria, as highlighted by the report.

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Survival code for human race on this Planet

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Brain stimulates the human to do many thing by their Behavior and the way there think. It happens in two ways, voluntary and involuntary action. Involuntary action are the thing that happens within the body. Voluntary action is psychological concept is part of cognitive psychology, philosophy, neurology, criminology, and many other fields. It is associated with consciousness and will. Voluntary action works with action effect. Action effect is when an individual has learned to associate a particular action with a particular outcome. Thus, voluntary action is demonstrated when one cognitively identifies the desired outcome and pairs it with the action it will take to achieve it. But this action leads the human to do various things for their own pleasure. Where the people forgets the nature and starts generating thing what will affects the environment and lives of many other species.


Bios and Filter: A Household Water Treatment Option for Africa

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Water is said to be life. This is because everyone needs safe water for drinking, cooking, and simply for keeping oneself clean on a daily basis. It is for this reason that the United Nations considers access to clean water a basic human right. Nonetheless, it is estimated that about 1.1 billion people do not have access to safe drinking water in the developing world, a situation that is resulting to approximately 1.8 million deaths each year from diarrhea diseases like cholera.  The saddest aspect of this is that in most of these deaths, about 90%, occur in children under five years.


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