Climate Trail Hits Sri Lanka


Climate change has resulted in rising sea levels, droughts, floods and landslides; this impact has affected the Asian region badly. Therefore an exhibition themed “Climate Trail” was held in Sri Lanka from March 12th 2009 to create awareness on climatic changes at the Public Library Premises in, Colombo.


This exhibition was held for the first time in Asia, although the exhibition has been staged in USA and Europe previously. This was organized and declared by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources in Sri Lanka with the cooperation of the Government of Switzerland.


Ruth Flint Ambassador for Switzerland for Sri Lanka addressing the event stated that Switzerland is experiencing mud floods and land slides. She also said that the rates of melting of glaciers are on the increase. She further said that Sri Lanka too is facing a similar situation and stressed on the importance of awareness.


Speaking at the event Minister of Environment and Natural Resources Hon. Patali Champika Ranawaka said that climate change has affected Sri Lanka badly and help from international countries is needed to bring about a solution.


He went on to say that plans to have coal power plants will not be implemented in Sri Lanka and that the country is concentrating on a program called Green Lanka. Further elaborating on the issue he said “If we aren’t going to take any actions, our future generation will be affected.”