Careers, Options, Opportunities,  EDEX has been in the arena in Sri Lanka since 2004, Motivating and creating awareness to youth on educational and employment opportunities, EDEX has succeeded by providing foreign education for youth in Sri Lanka. This exhibition was held at BMICH Colombo from 23-25th of January 2009 and in Kandy at Queens Hotel on the 27th, 28th of January 2009.


Organized by the Royal College Union in 2009 EDEX highlighted the need of green education in Sri Lanka by the implementation of Green Zone.  Speaking to Earth Lanka Director of the project “Go Green” Mr. Yasas Hewage stated that “EDEX is happening for the 5th or 6th consecutive time and the exhibition has lead Sri Lankan youth in space of education and careers.”



Explaining further Mr. Hewage stated that this year EDEX emphasis in the core value of thinking green. Elaborating further he expressed that our youth need to understand the impact human lives has on the environment therefore awareness is needed further and the EDEX Green Zone will educate our youth about these issues such as conservation of water, energy on transportations and we need to inform our youth that little things that can make a little difference.


EDEX Green Zone will also educate youth on the job opportunities and qualifications on green education such as sustainable manufacturing, qualifications on climatic changes. Mr. Hewage also stated not only in Sri Lankan environment these youth could contribute to the Sri Lankan business community. The Chairman of the EDEX Mr. Kamal Abeysinghe stated that we have observe that there’s a crisis situation the entire world is facing today in several frontiers areas such as food, energy and the environment and we thought we should focus on the efforts that are being made globally to find solutions to the crisis situation. He further elaborated saying that we need to engage our youth in finding sustainable living methodologies and projects in future.