Your Planet Needs You Unite To Combat Climate Change



A Media biefing was held in Sri Lanka on the 28th May 2009, Colombo at the
Ministry of Environment and Natural resources to discuss the plans outlined
for World Environment Day 2009 which will be commemorated on the 05th June
2009. This year the event will be celebrated under the theme of “Your Planet
Needs You, Unite to Combat Climate Change”

The Minister for Environment and Natural Resources Hon. Patali Champika
Ranwaka revealed that the preparations have already done for the June 05,
2009. He stated that “SOBHA” an Environmental exhibition by the Ministry
will be declared on the 04th of June. A commemoration is also planned under
the patronage of Prime Minister of Sri Lanka Hon. Ratnasiri Wickramanayake
on June 05 2009. Further commenting the minister said an environment film
festival, Awards ceremony for environmental journalists, school projects,
government sector projects; environmental walks have also
been organized around Sri Lanka in a grand style.