Do you remember the six Greenpeace volunteers who made history last year when they were acquitted for defending the climate?

They were accused of causing £30,000 of criminal damage to Kingsnorth coal-fired power station. Their defence of “lawful excuse” was accepted by the jury – because they were acting to safeguard property around the world “in immediate need of protection” from the impacts of climate change, caused in part by burning coal.Internationally acclaimed director Nick Broomfield was so inspired by this story that he has just completed a 20 minute film celebrating the spirit of direct action. The film tells the story of the activists who scaled the 220m chimney at Kingsnorth and the landmark case with supporting testimony by the world’s leading climate scientist Dr James Hansen of NASA.It’s a remarkable behind the scenes look at Greenpeace and the brave people who are willing to put their liberty on the line for what they think is right. Definitely worth a watch. You can also share it with your friends by ordering a copy for download or on DVD.Feeling inspired? You don’t have to climb a tower the size of Canary Wharf to take a stand against climate change…We would like to invite you to join thousands of people on July 4th to form a human band around Kingsnorth power station in Kent and show your opposition to dirty new coal. The event is being organised by Oxfam and includes a diverse range of communities and organisations such as Christian Aid, People and Planet, the Women’s Institute, the World Development Movement, National Union of Students, Woodcraft Folk, RSPB and us.We’re not asking you to do anything illegal, you just need to come out and show your opposition to dirty coal. Please come and take a stand with thousands of like-minded people on the greatest issue of our time.