EFL Celebrates World Environment Day 2009 In Matara


Environmental Foundation/World Wildlife Fund/American Red Cross and Matara Branch of Sri Lanka Red Cross Society have planned  to celebrate the World Environment Day on 5th June at the Matara Cultural Centre, Matara from 10 AM to 5 PM.

Commemorated yearly on June 5th, World Environment Day (WED) is one of the principle vehicles through which United Nations stimulates worldwide awareness of the environment and enhances political attention and action. This year the theme of WED is ‘Your Planet Needs YOU – UNite to Combat Climate Change’. (Source: UNEP)This year in Sri Lanka, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Environmental Foundation takes pleasure in partnering with American Red Cross and Sri Lanka Red Cross Society in highlighting the need for protecting the environment through events planned for WED. It will showcase the results of the Water Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion program conducted by the Sri Lanka Red Cross Society and American Red Cross in Matara in partnership with WWF/Environmental Foundation. It also highlights the keen interest and dedication demonstrated by the Red Cross Movement in ensuring the protection of the environment for our future generations, while improving hygiene, nutrition, gender inclusion in household economics and community relationships. Events include key speeches from environmental leaders, a food festival organized by the host communities with produce from their own home gardens to showcase healthy living styles and an exhibition by communities, environmental organizations, Red Cross Society and environmentally associated institutions and businesses. Dr. Sumith Pilapitiya, Environmentalist, Solid Waste Management Specialist and Lead Environmental Specialist of the World Bank will make the keynote address.

Exhibition will include;

1.       Stalls on household waste management and home gardening by SLRCS beneficiary villages

2.       Schools and Pre-school waste management programs in Matara District

3.       Stall from Environmental Foundation

4.       Stall from Sri Lanka Red Cross Society Youth Brigade

5.       Stall from National Building Research Organization on Landslide risk reduction and preparedness

6.       Stall from Young Zoologists Association on reptiles

7.       Stall from Green Movement of Sri Lanka on environmental issues in Sri Lanka

8.       Stall from Arthacharya Foundation on household waste management

9.       Stall from Gemi Sumithuro on environmental activities in Matara District

10.     Stall from University of Ruhuna, Agriculture Department

11.     Stall from Weligama Urban Council on municipal waste composting and resource recovery

12.     Stall on Polythene Recycling by leading polythene recycler in Matara District

13.     Stall on recycled products manufactured in Matara District

14.     Scouting Camp and first aid tent

The community members and school children in the Matara District will be joining this event at the invitation of the Sri Lanka Red Cross Society. This event will also receive air time on the Ruhunu Sevaya, the regional radio channel of the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation.