Soba 2009


An Environment Exhibition was opened to the public on 4th of June 2009 at Viharamaha Devi Park; the theme of this exhibition was ‘Your planet needs you to combat climate change,’ 

During the opening ceremony Minister for Environment and Natural Resources Hon.Patali Champika Ranawaka stated that Sri Lanka is experiencing climatic changes. Increasing of sea level, increase of insect populations are some of the recent issues which has occurred around the world.
Further the Minister praised the public to minimize the dengue threats by keeping the environment clean. Minister for Energy and Power Hon. W D J Seneviratne expressed that developed countries are responsible for emission of carbon in the atmosphere. The decrease of rain fall has caused 35% decrease of Hydropower energy.
He further stated that the Sabaragamuwa Province is experiencing more floods in this year. Further he stated that sustainable use of water could produce the rate from 50Mw-450Mw per year. Chief Guest for the opening ceremony Minister for Ports, Irrigation and Aviation Hon. Chamal Rajapaksha stated that Science and Technology has caused severe problems for environment while the future generation should live in a sustainable manner. Many environmental organizations in Sri Lanka participated. The exhibition will be closed on 6th of June.