Protect The “Iberian Imperial Eagle” In Portugal


The Iberian Imperial Eagle is a bird known as a symbol of strength and power.

Yet this magnificent species, which only nests in Portugal and in Spain, has suffered an enormous decline in Portugal and was considered extinct there until a few years ago. Today only 2 to 4 pairs are thought to breed in the country.
But more than the future of one species is at stake.
The Iberian Imperial Eagle is a symbol of nature conservation and biodiversity as a whole:
The eagles’ habitat is the cork and holm oak landscapes in southern Portugal, which are also home to a rich diversity of other amazing species, such as the critically endangered Iberian Lynx.
It is here that the eagle hunts its main prey: the wild rabbit. Yet the decline of the wild rabbit population due to disease and the loss of its natural habitat has meant that the Imperial Eagle in Portugal is under threat yet again.
Having a National Day for the Imperial Eagle will help raise awareness in the country for the need to save this amazing species and the rich biodiversity of Portuguese forests