Clean Technology And Copenhagen


Clean technology lies at the heart of global climate talks. Without it, developing countries cannot grow in a climate-friendly way, nor can they adapt to the ravages of future climates. But controversy surrounds clean technology — the science, the funding, the ownership and more.

Next month (7–15 December), world leaders gather at the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, to strike what could be the most important global climate deal since the Kyoto Protocol. As they do so, SciDev.Net will report on the position of clean technologies in the negotiations — asking how poor countries can develop and access these to help mitigate and adapt to climate change.

Building up to, and during, the Copenhagen climate talks SciDev.Net will provide news and expert commentary that:
explains why developing countries need clean technology to tackle and cope with climate change;
identifies the types of technologies available;
highlights key barriers to poor nations’ access to and use of clean technologies; and
looks at the expectations of clean technology in Copenhagen, and the way forward.