WWF Welcomes US EPA Finding On Greenhouse Gases


The Environmental Protection Agency announced today that greenhouse gas emissions endanger public health and welfare, setting the stage for regulation of global warming pollution under the Clean Air Act.

World Wildlife Fund issued the following statement from Keya Chatterjee, Director of WWF-US’s Climate Change Program:

“This is great news and shows that the Administration is committed to enforcing the Clean Air Act and addressing dangerous climate change. The finding recognizes the clear scientific basis for regulating carbon pollution as a threat to public health and welfare.

“The Clean Air Act is now and must remain an important tool for helping to fight dangerous climate change. But the most effective approach to addressing the climate crisis both at home and as part of a global partnership is through comprehensive climate legislation.

“In the context of the Copenhagen climate talks, this finding underscores the Administration’s seriousness about climate change, but we still have one missing element: the trust of the international community that the US will follow through on the medium and long term targets announced by President Obama last week.

“For that, we also need US legislation. When President Obama comes to Copenhagen next week, the world will be listening intently for assurance that he will make climate change his next legislative priority after healthcare.”