Copenhagen Activists Face Christmas In Jail


Four of our activists face Christmas in jail over charges relating to a peaceful protest at the Heads of State dinner at the Copenhagen climate summit.

The activists joined Heads of State from over 120 countries en route to the banquet at the Danish Parliament. They arrived in a three-vehicle convoy and stepped out onto the red carpet as representatives of the millions of people around the world who wanted a fair, ambitious and legally binding treaty to head-off climate catastrophe.
They held up banners reading: “Politicians Talk, Leaders Act”, and demanded action, not just words from Presidents and Prime Ministers during their Friday session of the climate summit.
While the political leaders who are the perpetrators of real crime in Copenhagen have now fled the country on private jets, the Danish authorities decided to detain, without trial, four peaceful protesters over Christmas.
Their families will spend a bleak festive season knowing that their loved ones will be languishing in isolation for acting to save the climate. For standing up in defense of the hundreds of millions of people and countless species which will be severely affected by catastrophic climate change.
The four activists – Juantxo, Joris, Nora, and Christian – were willing to risk jail time to do something about climate change and look forward to presenting their arguments in court. But keeping them apart from their families and loved ones over Christmas and New Year is both inhumane and out of all proportion to what they did.