Walk For A Greener Lifestyle


The ‘Green Army of Spectrum Institute of Science and Technology’

is a youth force dedicated towards the mission of combating climate change.

As an initiative these students  have taken an effort  to save our planet and hence save ourselves.

Keeping this as their ultimate goal, Green Army of Spectrum Institute of Science and Technology have been functioning over the past few months to take the message of the potential threats of climate change to people of all walks of life.  

Therefore these students are in the process of organizing a walk scheduled for the 14th of February 2010. They hope to commence the

walk with a large number of people belonging to all walks of life and a few celebrities, then at a particular point divide into teams and carry out a house to house campaign where they will be explaining to the local community about  the potential threats of climate change and distribute leaflets on how to go green. Prior to the walk the green army will be launching a ‘Recycling Project’, where they  will be working with trishaw drivers and  working towards creating a sustainable waste separation and recycling system.