Talking Climate


Eminent UK explorer, BBC presenter and public speaker Paul Rose was in Colombo as  part of a tour of India and Sri Lanka.

He conducted a lecture series “Talking Climate”, A series which explores climate change and what its going to mean in future. Paul Rose has been reporting for BBC national and local radio service. He was appointed as the base commander of Rothera research station in Antarctica for the British Antarctic survey for 10 years, and was awarded HM the Queens polar medal for his work with NASA and the MARS Lander project on Mt.Erebus, Antarctica.
He believes that more awareness on public will reduce the rate of climate change in the next 30 years. He stated that Antarctic makes a good place for sustainable living and to mitigate climate change. Paul Rose Cop 15 summit has disappointed him and emphasized that each individual should work on to reduce effects of climate change.
Speaking at the event Prof. Tissa Witharana said that negative impact for climate change have threatened our planet, he further said that though the UNESCO brought up the issue, there is no specific commitment from the governments of all countries.  He further said that he was very disappointed to countries dealing individually to battle climate change. He emphasized that each country should observe to reverse the trend to reduce the green house gases by 20% in 2020, and 80% by 2050. Prof.Tisssa Witharana pointed out that the emission level of Sri Lanka is just 0.2% and we are unable to do a huge change on reductions. This event was organized by the British Council of Sri Lanka