International Bio Diversity Year


A postage stamp was issued to commemorate the International Bio Diversity year at the Ministry of  Environment and Natural Resources premises on the 18th of February 2010.

Speaking at the event the minister for environment and Natural Resources

Hon. Patali Champika  Ranawaka advised the public not to vote for candidates who pollutes the environment during for the upcoming general election 2010. Poster campaign to promote awareness on Bio Diversity  was also distributed with the cooperation of Vidusara scientific magazine. Dr. Devaka Weerakon representing the Field Ornithology Group of Sri Lanka presented  a calendar  to commemorate the International Bio Diversity year. Speaking at the event the minister stated that

Sri Lanka is a hot-spot for Bio Diversity, and lot of species are endangered due to climate change. He further said that mass development has resulted human-elephant conflict in Sri Lanka and we have seen animal population going up in urban areas.

He also stated that the ministry have connected the wild life ranges from north to south except in Wayamba province, and Mahaweli range is a successful example.He further said that  the  ministry have come forward to protect 150 forestry ranges  in Sri Lanka with the support of Wild Life Department, including marine resources in Sri Lanka

Agriculture minister for western province Hon. Udaya Gammanpila  also graced the event. Minister Gammanpila said a garden will be setup in Homagama  area to promote bio diversity with an excess area of 450 acres in future.