Sri Lanka Exports Recycled Plastic


A workshop was held for regional journalists in the Colombo District, Sri Lanka by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources recently.

This workshop was based on to explore environment issues in the country. Speaking at the event Mr.Chandana Kodippili Director for Pilisaru project stated that 200,000 metric tons of plastic have been imported to Sri Lanka previously and 70% of plastic waste have been recycled and reused, while 30% of plastic waste have been exported after recycled. He further said that Diseases such as Dengue could be prevented through recycling plastic waste.

Mr. Leel Randeniya Head of Bio Diversity Unit for Ministry of Environment   mentioned that 84% of flora and 45% of Fauna are critically endangered in Sri Lanka and 75-80% of endemic species live in the wet zone of Sri Lanka. Mr.Jagath Gunawardena also spoke about the environment law in Sri Lanka. Speaking at the event he stated that 2 new environment laws were introduced in 2009 to protect fauna and flora in Sri Lanka.

According to Mr. Gunawardena a law has been implemented to avoid people from keeping many mammals as pets in their houses. Minister for Environment and Natural Resources Hon. Patali Champika Ranawaka stated that green education is a major priority to enhance green jobs in future. Commenting further he stated that melting of Polar Ice Caps has increased and many islands are facing danger due to sea level rising.

He also stated that 6000 garbage is collected annually in Sri Lanka.