Wilapattu National Park Is At A Risk


Six leading environment organizations urged the government to save the country’s oldest national park Wilpattu .

Speaking on behalf of Leopard Trust Mr.Rukshan Jayawardena  stated that sustainability of Wilpattu national park is at a risk.According to Mr.Jayawardena many archaeological sites and fauna and flora inside the park will be destroyed due to the construction of 35 km road, which has been constructed in the western side of the park.

Wild Life and Nature Protection society (WNPS), Young Zoologists Association (YZA), Environment Foundation Limited (EFL), Ceylon Bird Club (CBC), Leopard Trust (LT),  Sri Lanka Nature Forum (SLNF) pointed out that the areas which was protected due to terrorism are now being abused under the guise of peace. Veteran environmentalists Jagath Gunawardena said that construction of roads,   destroying wild life habitats, construction of permanent bridges, and clearing trees are violations of fauna and flora protection ordinance.