Avoid Voting For Environment Polluters


A Media Briefing  was held in Colombo against the poster campaigns

carrying out for the upcoming General Elections in Sri Lanka.

During the Media Briefing many environment organizations advised the public to not to vote for candidates who create environment pollution.  The Young Zoologists Association,  Sri Lanka Nature Forum and Ruk Rakaganno organizations pointed out that posters have resulted more environment pollution in Sri Lanka. They stated that many candidates are using persistent organic pollutants for posters and hoardings, speaking further Mrs. Nirmala De Mel of Ruk Rakaganno Organization pointed out that many trees in the cities have been cut down for election hoardings. Commenting on the issue  President of Young Zoologists Association Pubudu Weerarathne  said that noise pollution have also increased  while firing crackers in front of  zoos is a major issue which the candidates  should stop. He further pointed out that  emissions of CO2 have increased due to road blockings which have been created in the cities due to election campaigns. The Media Briefing also mentioned that a candidate use 25,000 posters  approximately which pollutes the environment.