What Went Wrong In Cop 15?


Ranga Pallawala a member of Sri Lankan Delegation for  the Cop 15 summit stated that

 their expectations went down in Copenhagen due to the agreements

 made by top developed countries.

This was revealed at a workshop held at Sri Lanka Press Institute today.

Speaking further he stated that many countries united

to work together while the discussions ended without any solutions.

According to Pallawala many developed countries rejected to bring down

emissions due to their developments.

He pointed out that discussion for an adaptation fund was successful at the Cop 15

 and many good solutions were brought for Rainforest conservation.

These talks were held by several groups with a combination of many countries

such as G77 (130 countries), Alliance of small islands, developed countries and least developed countries.

According to him the talks went pointless due to Cop Accord which was brought by developed countries.

He further stated that Sri Lanka lost many opportunities due to this

accord and 75-80% of climate change has affected Sri Lanka.

The Copenhagen accord showed that bringing down carbon emissions without a limit.

He also revealed that many countries such as Nederland, Scotland and Norway agreed for a fund

to pay for countries which lower 40% carbon emission levels.

Mr.Hemantha Withanage Director for Center for Environment Justice

showed a survey how wetlands have been affected due to climate change.

According to Mr.Withanage 50% of elder community are aware about climate change in Sri Lanka.