70,000 Metric Tons Of Fish Imported To Sri Lanka



A workshop which was held by the

practical action revealed that 70,000 metric tons

of fish is imported to Sri Lanka recently.

These talks were based on the fisheries sector in Sri Lanka.  It is also revealed that 60,000 metric tons of Tuna fish is exported to Japan from Sri Lanka. During the workshop Project Manager for Fisheries of Practical Action Erwin Rathnaweera stated that small scale fishing industry have gone down due to large scale of fishing boats working around Sri Lanka. According to him Tourism and aqua culture have also devastated the fisheries sector in Sri Lanka and many small scale fishing communities have given up their livelihoods to make a living. Speaking at the workshop Dr.Siva Subramanium stated that lack marine educated people in the industry is a major crisis for the development of the fisheries sector. He also pointed out that carrying out the British ordinance for more than 50 years from 1946 was major hit for the fisheries sector in Sri Lanka. further  commenting on the issue he stated that  introducing foreign fish species for the market discouraged the fresh water fishing communities in the country.