Sri Lanka Celebrated Earth Hour




For the first time in 2010 Sri Lanka involved 

to celebrate earth hour on the 27th of March.

Speaking at the event Minister of Environment and Natural Resources

Hon. Patali Champika Ranawaka thanked the World Wide Fund (WWF) for initiating Earth Hour in 2007 with the participations of 2.2 million people based in Sydney, Australia. Further the minister expressed the objectives of this initiative and introduced 17 environment friendly activities that helps to protect  living species. 

1 Plant Trees for a healthy environment

2 Change to Energy saving Building constructions.

3 Help to save water and avoid pollution to protect life on earth.

4 Adjust consumption pattern  and help reduce global warming.

5 Make all aware of natural means of pest control

6 Produce and Use environment friendly goods and help to protect environment

7  Insist on the use of  public transport to save fossil fuel

8 Keep up organic farming for healthy productivity

9 Avoid Unnecessary land filling of wet lands to protect bio diversity

10 Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle waste to save resources

11 Aware all on ill effects of climate change impacts

12 Nature good ethics to save land, forest, mineral resources makes healthy environment   to live. 

13 Affirm use to environment friendly products and protect environment

14 Willingness to become vegetarian helps to reduce emission of greenhouse gases.

15 Aware all on energy saving measures, such as  use of C F L bulbs, switching off unnecessary lights to save electricity

16 keep buying, using and selling green products and be a partner in green economy

17 Apply green plants and save mineral resources used in erecting boundary walls in homesteads

This event which focused to reduce green house emissions was celebrated around the globe for 3 years, 370 cities from 35 countries in 2008 and 4159 cities representing   88 countries in 2009 participated for the globe event previously.