From Waste To Fuel



Polythene and Plastic was introduced to

Sri Lanka in 1970,

Today these organic compounds have created a major crisis on garbage disposal.  After 40 years Anada Withanage has come up to remove this waste in a sustainable manner.
Anada with his brand Polypto has resolved a major problem in Sri Lanka. Under the assistance of Minister of Environment and Natural Resources Hon. Patali Champika Ranawaka and the Moratuwa University, now this waste have been converted for fuel in Sri Lanka. The First fuel station in this kind of manner was opened to the public yesterday under the patronage of the Environment Minster  Hon. Patali Champika Ranawka. Speaking at the event minister stated that not much exposure is given for inventors in Sri Lanka. He further stated that he hopes to distribute this fuel in the country by 2012. Plastic and Polythene waste can be converted for diesel, petrol and gasoline. Creator of the Polypto Mr. Ananda Withange expressed that 500-1000 liters per day can be produced from 1000 kg of waste.  He further predicted that 1/5th of fuel could be distributed for the needs of the country,and said that 3-4 hours will be used for the whole process. Polypto is now used for three-wheelers and motor bikes in Sri Lanka.