Nepalese Cyclists On A Mission To Save Environment



Two Nepalese Cyclists on their odyssey

to pedal around 99 countries in five years

are now in Sri Lanka with a message of saving the Intro-Extro environment in the World. Rupak Khadka 22 and Rajendra Sepakota 24 from Kathmandu have pedaled over 7000km in India, Bhutan, and Bangladesh and in Nepal. Their target was to reach Jaffna along the A9 route from Kandy and to return to Colombo from the southern part of Sri Lanka.  They hope that by the time they return to their country in 2014, they would have met the leading world leaders including the President of the United States.

Minister of Environment and Natural Resources Hon. Patali Champika Ranawaka appreciated their efforts, Minister stated that Nepal have to experience severe climatic impacts as a low carbon emission country.