Our day today life put world environment into danger.

We already face to different natural disasters due to unnecessary human activities. Sri Lanka was warned by climate change making a drastic warm climate in last 3-4 months and then after it became to a heavy rainfall just within 5-6 days only caused flooding in lots of populated areas. Around 30 people were died as a result of flood and it made people to loss their living places, and kept hunger. Government had to spend extra cost on re-settlement and donations. Flood caused to spread diseases like Dengue and Malaria. Now it has created another problem in Dehiwala and Mount Lavinia due to the place where garbage dropped is still covered by floods. This all issues occurred because of unstructured developments and our erroneous life styles. We spent our life without taking care of the environment and now we suffer from it returns.

Our ancient community used to live with the environment; they protect it, they used only what they need, they conserve what it has and they love it. Their environmental paradigm was saving the Mother Earth and kept her beauty as it is. After the industrial revolution these all has change towards a polluted world as a consequence of developments with avoided nature concerns. This polluting world is making problems socially and economically.

People, Culture, Animals, plants and total ecosystem have a right to survive. That means the world has a duty to act against whatever disturbs their life patterns. Our world is polluting by ourselves and that disturbs our lives. June 05, today is the world environment day which reminds people to think and act on the environment.  This is not just another day; it brings the exact time to act.

The world environment Day is designed to give a human face to environmental issues, empower people to become active agents of sustainable and equitable development, promote an understanding that communities are pivotal to changing attitudes towards environmental issues and advocate partnership which will ensure all nations and peoples enjoy a safer and more prosperous future.

Environment conservation is a people event. There are some group activities have organized around to world to celebrate the world Environment Day 2010 such as street rallies, city-wide walks, scientific forums, bicycle parades, green concerts, essays and poster competitions in schools, tree plantings, as well as recycling and clean-up events.

But there are small things we can do individually –

Plant trees – Plant a tree means to give birth to a baby, do it where as you can and educate your children to plant trees and its impotency.

It will cost 38 trillion dollars to create Oxygen for 6 months for all human beings on earth. Trees do it for free.
Be aggressive – Opposite with people who try to destroy plants, forests and animals. Get support from legal authorities (Forest department, Wildlife Unit)
Start from Home – Use environmental electric equipments at home .Switch off electrical appliances when not in use, switch off lights, Fans and Air conditions when you go out from rooms/home. Make a habit of shutting down your PC unless it is truly needed to keep that on.

Clothe washing by hand instead of washing machine to save electricity

Use used newspaper in the dust bins instead of polythine bag.

Do not burn the garbage. Wastes of plastic and rubber release carcinogenic toxins. Burning garbage dumps also releases huge quantity of poisonous smoke which pollutes our atmosphere

On roads – Use public transportations as much as you can. Switch-off your bike/car at traffic signals. Please try to free the right lane which avoids lots of traffic jams and pollutions in turn.

Avoid using cars for short distance travel, walk or cycling instead. For long distance travels, choose railways / buses instead of cars.

Day today use – Engage in simple, friendly and harmless environmental activities. Reduce, reuse, recycle, and refuse the harmful items. Plant planet friendly Trees and support the local governments/institutions.

Don’t just throw old clothes, toys and similar things away. Try to pass them on and give them a second life somewhere new.

Avoid all types of plastic materials and plastic products. Use tumbler instead of paper cup

Be responsible – Do not throw garbage to roads and public places, make compost at home, separate disposable items and sale those to city garbage collection center.

At the Market – Carry your own bags while going to supermarket, instead of getting a free plastic bag from them. Buy organic products always and encourage local entrepreneurs and farmers.

At office – Use environmental electric equipments at office. Switch off your PC and LAPTOP during Lunch time.

Reduce paper usage in office; make use of e-communication

Water – Water one of the miracles of “Nature” Use it judiciously, don’t waste it. Every drop of
Water counts; make water harvesting pits in every house

Do not wash your car using a pipe, use a mop and bucket full of water instead

Cosmetics – Do not buy expensive and imported cosmetics which tested on animals and include animal ingredients. Buy localized brands and encourage local entrepreneurs to help country’s economic growth.

The rinsed water of rice can be a good way to wash a face instead of water.

Grab every opportunity – to help Environment. Don’t wait for others to switch off lights, turnoff computers, close running taps etc when not in use. Speared awareness whenever you go and educate people

Be a conservationist – Become an environment ambassador and try to protect nature in each moment. Talk and act wherever it necessary to save animals, forests, and all belongs to the ecosystem and biodiversity. Do not wait till others act. Act yourself first.

If we lost something there are more ways to make it again or to find some options, but in terms of Planet Earth there is no solution available, we cannot make another planet. This is the time for a Green world and it has to be begun here and now!
Be responsible and act for the mother Earth.


Secretary – Sri Lanka Green Alliance
0777 61 21 55