Show Mercy To Animals



People be kind to animals

because they cannot think like you,

This is a better example whatever it was a too bad experience about humanity.
Yesterday was too BAD, there were two puppies left in our street by somebody. They were too scared and hungry. And entered into one Gate, a lady came out from that house and started to hit those badly. One puppy and it injured in front of me. I took them to my side and gave something to eat on the street. Hence I was not allowed to get them into my room because I am at boarded. These two puppies were too scared and so worried.
I could not let them to stay on the street because if I did so there will be another attack on them for sure. Then I decided to take them to our temple with the permission of the Chief Monk. I know that will be a good house to them. But that is not the actual solution. I am too sad and worried about this. As I was not able to give a fine solution as an animal lover
Hereafter SL Greens will work on Stray Dogs too

Kalpana Ambepitiya

Secretary – Sri Lanka Green Alliance