Solar Boat Launch Sets Mediterranean Conservation Campaign Ablaze




A catamaran powered exclusively

by the sun cast off from Spain’s southeastern coast,

starting a journey that is completely free of fossil fuels.

The tired and tested catamaran, the 46ft WWF Solar, which set off on July 14, is part of WWF Spain’s new ‘Embárcate’ (Get on Board) campaign to promote the use of the renewable energies and the conservation of marine ecosystems.

The Embárcate campaign will take place along the Mediterranean coastline each summer for the next 3 years.

“The WWF Solar is powered completely by the sun. It does not use sails, and it does not use any fossil fuels. It is a boat that causes no polltion – it does not emit any Co2 whatsoever. The Solar shows that we can easily substitute fossil fuels with renewable energy,” said José Luis García Varas, Head of the Marine Program at WWF Spain.


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