Sri Lankan Youth Goes Global




The 2nd congress of Global Young Greens Network

was held in 08th -14th August 2010 in Berlin,

Germany. Global Young Greens (GYG) is the largest Youth Network in the world which unites people through web-based and face to face contact. Its activities include youth exchanges, participation at international events, linking individuals to organizations, facilitating various project-oriented collaborations including campaign, events and outreach initiatives. With the objectives of empowering young people within the framework of participatory democracy, create a space for young people to be more active without being dominated older generations, address inequalities between organizations and individuals, Forge strong links between sectors and organizations and further Green principles on planet Earth.

The federation of Ceylonese Young Greens represented Sri Lanka to the GYG Congress 2010 in Berlin with its President ( Sanka Chandima Abayawardene), Treasurer and Head of campaigns ( Kalpana Ambepititya) and Secretary (Hiran Kangararchchi).  Since 2006, the FCYG has achieved a high status in domestically and internationally. As the 1st stage campaigns worked on Act against Climate Change, Protect Sri Lanka heritage – Elephants, Don’t kill tusk elephants, Protect Bengali tigers, Protect Whales, Don’t eat Canadian Sea foods and save Seal babies, Peace for Sri Lanka. Local privet. Also FCYG has basically done large scale online campaigns twice a week. They continue to placing paper articles on some local publications as well as online. Internationally FCYG works with different countries on different campaigns like Justice for Khojaly with Brazil& Azerbaijan and online and designing support to some different international campaigns.

GYG Congress is the heights governing body of the GYG network. The network is coordinated by a steering Committee which is compromised of maximum of four people from every region. Steering committee is an administrative and financial body appointed by the congress. Kalpana Ambepitiya has elected to the Steering Committee for the period from 2010-2013 and that is a great opportunity to the youth in not only Sri Lanka but also for the South Asia. During her time she promises that” I support the power of local and regional communities with concerning the gender balance in everywhere. I am really against with the violence and injustice which create the unbalance scenario to the world and its survivors, particularly domestic violence. I trust the theme” women into power” to make the world better and balance. And I always encourage people to sustainable use of renewable resources and responsible use of non-renewable resources everywhere I go. With GYG I am encouraged to have more young Greens around the world, especially from Asia, Africa, Mid-least and Americas with the 50% gender balance.

Kalpana invites all Sri Lankan youth to hang their hands to walk on the GYG path. If you are interested to work on Sustainable development, Environment, Social justice, Grassroots democracy and Peace, contact