Where Have All The Freshwater Fish Gone?



When we think that most of our endemic species

are lost and gone forever,

it takes a slight moment of truth to realise that they might not be extinct after all. For a species to be considered extinct, it would take about 30 to 40 years in which no human being should have seen it.

In a startling revelation, the President of the Wildlife Conservation Society of Galle (WCSG) Madura de Silva said that there are plenty of lazy researchers who don’t actually do ground work to record and locate our most prized species. “Most Sri Lankan researchers just check on notes taken by other researchers or former case studies. They dont really do field trips and swim in the freshwater basins or streams to check if the freshwater fishes are actually in existence!” he said.

So it was just a few days ago, on a six member expedition, when Madura and his team from the WCSG were surveying and looking for new species of Sri Lankan freshwater fish that they discovered a rare…