World Leadership Conference-11th To 15th July 2011, Singapore


The World Leadership Conference 2011 is an Asia Pacific youth regional meeting

for the Earth summit/Rio+20 due to be held in July 2012

on which the whole global community is focused on at the moment. Yet major climate change negotiations are still pending. The WLC will be bringing together over 21 countries in Asia and the Pacific to do a consultation towards the UN Rio 2012 summit. This will be a part of a buildup consultation for the region, targeting young people. It is also being endorsed by UNEP with its regional director attending the event amongst many other UN and regional Governmental officials. More details online at
The position paper will brought to UNEP RIM process as the Asia Pacific position paper under Major Group for Children and Youth (MGCY). The WLC identified three key themes namely, Green Economy to Eradicate Poverty, Energy for a Low Carbon Future, and Institutional Framework on Sustainable Development, which co-relates  with the UNCSD Rio+20’s major two themes.
Today, delegates from approximately 10 nations sat for round table negotiations. The combined paper was made by the WLC organizers using the Consultation Papers submitted by each country  and it was circulated among delegates prior to the 1st reading. The opening session of the policy track begun with an energetic activity called “World Café”. All the delegates were given the opportunity to get to know each other and this activity emphasized on the importance of this summit.
The 1st reading of the combined paper involved ‘amendments’ from each delegation from each country was added to the text. All amendments were allowed and no decision to finalize the amendments took place in this 1st reading. The discussion of the policy paper amendments will take place on the second day, which will involve discussion among the concerned parties. Apart from proposing amendments, delegates gave brief reasons for the amendments which was added as a ‘comment’ to text. Delegates can elaborate further on the reasons in 2nd reading. The first day was ended with a colorful cultural show.

Sikander Shabeer Reporting from Singapore