World Leadership Conference


The last few days of the conference was dedicated towards negotiation

of the proposed amendments and finalize the Asia Pacific Youth position paper

for Rio+20 and other regional meetings.

Task forces were worked under the three WLC themes namely Green Economy to eradicate Poverty, Low Carbon Future-renewable energy and Sustainable Governance. After a couple of stressful days and sleepless nights, delegates were able to agree with the final Draft of the World Leadership Conference 2011. I believe this conference was some sort of mini-united nation’s conference on sustainable development, where it came out with a solid paper which is not really significant in United Nations Conferences. Meanwhile parallel Knowledge track sessions were carried out with eminent speakers/environmentalist on thematic sessions.
The Asia Pacific youth position paper/policy paper/WLC outcome is consist of three major chapters namely Green Economy to Eradicate poverty, Renewable Energy for Low Carbon Future and Institutional Framework on Sustainable development, which co-relates  with the UNCSD Rio+20’s major two themes. Each major Chapter has subdivided into several sub-topics such as overview of the major chapter in the context of Asia-Pacific region, Emerging Challenges, and Proposed Solutions etc. The final copy of the paper will be distributed among other youths within a couple of days. The position paper will be brought to UNEP RIM process as the Asia Pacific position paper under Major Group for Children and Youth (MGCY) and to several other youth and NGO regional meetings.
The World Leadership Conference 2011 is an Asia Pacific youth regional meeting for the Earth summit/Rio+20 due to be held in July 2012 on which the whole global community is focused on at the moment. Yet major climate change negotiations are still pending. The WLC have brought together over 21 countries in Asia and the Pacific to do a consultation towards the UN Rio 2012 summit. This will be a part of a buildup consultation for the region, targeting young people. It is also being  endorsed by UNEP with its regional director attended the event amongst many other UN and regional Governmental officials