Sri Lanka Wins A Silver Medal At International Biology Olympiad


Arun Rajaratnam of Trinity College, Kandy

won a Silver Medal at the International Biology Olympiad held at Taipei,

Taiwan which concluded on 17 July 2011. There were 227 competitors participated for this competition from 61 countries.

International Biology Olympiad is an internationally conducted prestigious competition, in which bright students form countries all over the world compete for medals. The first International Olympiad was held in Eastern Europe in 1959 in Mathematics. The remaining disciplines quickly followed; Physics (1967), Chemistry (1968) and Informatics in (1989). Biology had its first Olympiad in 1990.
Some of the characteristics of the science Olympiads as compared with those for sports are that they are held annually and intended for secondary school students. A media briefing was also held today for his achievement by Prof. Hiran Amarasekera -National Coordinator, Sri Lankan Biology Olympiad.