3.7 Million Somalis In Crisis


The United Nations has declared that famine exists in two regions of southern Somalia.

southern Bakool and Lower Shabelle.

This was  declared  after a High-Level Task Force on the Global Food Security (HLTF) meeting  at the UN Headquarters in New York on 13 July. The meeting was held by the Secretary General to review the deteriorating situation in the Horne of Africa, and to consider options for its overall global strategy.

“Droughts do not happen overnight,” says Luc Gnacadja, the Executive Secretary of the UN Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD). “The UNCCD joins the calls on the international community to respond urgently to this crisis. At the same time, we stress the need for effective long term solutions to the root causes of famine in drought prone regions, such as through the implementation of drought management systems and measures to stop desertification, which means land degradation in drylands.”

Nearly half of the Somali population of close to 3.7 million is facing a humanitarian crisis and is in urgent need of assistance. The World Food Program, WHO, and UNICEF have launched emergency operations.