New Delhi

27 Countries, 8 peer facilitators, 57 Global Changemaker

Asia Youth Summit 2011!

It was a summit like no other!

 It brought together a diverse group of talented, passionate and dedicated people and molded us into change makers to make our world a better place. As the summit commenced on 18th July 2011, it was a platform for change makers from Asia and UK to come together, brainstorm and find practical solutions for issues that affect our world.
I first entered the Heritage Village Resort after a long drive in the Delhi traffic. Soon I was bounding up the steps of the hotel’s dining room to meet the other amazing change makers. Listening to their stories was so amazing!!Each person had some unique experience that made them become change makers in their respective societies.
Some were facing violent opposition to their campaigns by governments including prison sentences while some had terrorism and other issues that hindered their country’s progress. The inspiration, the passion, the amazing energy that fuels us and our causes in a fiery manner inspired all of us in many ways, making us want to reach greater heights. Our fantastic guest speakers gave us insight into how their lives were shaped into being the real changemakers in the society through practical and personal experience.
For 7 days, till the 22nd of July we learnt so much about each other, about our campaigns, speakers who motivated us to transcend boundaries and so much more about project management and fundraising. It was a truly beautiful experience.
Fran, Kathy, Gaby, Louise, John and Matt along with Reesha and Guru from British Council India made our stay fantastic with so much of love, care and making us develop ourselves in a truly independent and positive manner. It’s a life changing experience that you never ever want to leave and believe me, you’ll want to do anything to stay with your fellow GCMs.
I also appeal for post AYS  / GCM reunions (possibly summer camps annually or every 6 months ) 😀 as it seems to be a twist of fate of that so many amazing people meet yet may never see each other again. Therefore we believe that it will help inspire each other more and unite GCMs in a brilliant manner!


Writing this on my 3-hours plane journey home, after a very heart-wrenching (seriously, my poor heart is in pieces  ) goodbye to the GCMs and Louise,
 I quote  Veronica Colomdrum, a speaker who inspired me and truly touched my heart with her very personal experience and inspiring words “ It’s all about what you leave behind. What you will be remembered by. THAT is your legacy”.
And that, my dear GCMers is what we stand for.