Guiness Record Broken


Five young dynamic British Council Global Change makers brought 1500 Sri Lankans

together to break a Guinness World Record on 12 August 2011.

Sarah Jameel, Lihini Ratwatte, Sulakshana Senanayake, Sikander Sabeer, and Mohomed Husni organized this event in celebration of International Youth Day. These youngsters organized the largest human mosaic in the world (the formation of the word ‘YOUTH’). The Guinness World Record Committee, headed by Dr. Geethanjana Mendis, National Coordinator for the Guinness World Records, adjudicated the event and announced that the existing record of a human mosaic with 1250 people in France had been successfully broken.
This event was organized to provide an opportunity for the Sri Lankan youth to demonstrate to the international community the unity and strength that they possess. It is also promoted youth social activism and the power of volunteerism.

“The British Council is extremely proud of the achievement that these young Global Change makers have achieved today. It is indeed remarkable to have witnessed history in the making. I congratulate each and everyone, including the partners, sponsors, and youth organizations who supported us and helped us make this a reality”, said Kishore Roy, Acting Country Director, British Council Sri Lanka. Earthlanka crew wish the global change makers all success in upcoming events.