United Nations Climate Change Conference 2011, Durban, South Africa


Daily Update- 01st of December

Live report by Sikander Sabeer from Durban City

A Side event by Eminent Key note speakers addressed on the topic of Strengthening Institutional Capacity for climate Change research and training held in December.

Nine research and training organizations from Africa, Asia, Europe, the Pacific and the Caribbean collectively form a Climate Change Capacity Development (C3D) network. The Partners collaborate in developing and testing methodologies in support of climate change decision-making. A speaker emphasized “There are enough Scientists and research information available, but there is a difficulty in translation of those valuable information”. IISD developed software called CRiSTAL which is diagnostic tool for adaptation model which helps to develop quality sustainable projects.

A Side event on Low carbon society (LCS) in Asia: from planning to implementation held in the late afternoon at DEC, A joint effort of Japan and Malaysia has developed a methodology to create low carbon scenarios and roadmaps towards low carbon societies in Asia. The side event presented how these scenarios and roadmaps have been developed and several trends in LCS (Low Carbon Society) in several countries and cities in Asia.  LCS is a research project begins with a pilot study of Iskandar Malaysia and It uses a ExSS Model structure. Funding, Capacity Building, Government commitment and Policies have been successful pillars of this project.

A youth briefing with the President of COP17, H.E Maite Nkoana-Mashabane was held in ICC. Speaking to the youth, the President noted the need for the leadership to take action and provided information on the development of negotiations on the green climate fund, KP etc. she said “We need leadership in action. It must take us a few steps forward and not back. We should not also be only talking about the second commitment .we need to start discussion of the legal work of the future framework. The work needs to start in Durban. There is a need for us to operationalize” She added that the green climate fund as one of the main issues that needs to be of focus in Durban. “The delegation in that plenary there is not one saying we do not want the green climate fund they say that it needs to be operationalised in Durban… She also highlighted that “we need more inputs..so that by the time we adopt this, it will really take us forward..For small islands and developing countries they are saying this is not about adaptation but about survival on adaptation the approach has been fragmented.” Thus she stressed further the need to concentrate on how can we make the mechanisms are well coordinated while differentiating technology mechanisms from technology transfer. She stated “technology mechanisms are not same as technology transfer”