Youth Representation In The UN Conference On Climate Change







Anoka Abeyrathne, the youngest SAARC award recipient for climate change mitigation, was givern the opportunity by British Council and Global Changemakers to be part of the Conference of Parties 17 of the United Nations framework convention on climate Change.

She is a British Council International Climate Champion, Global Changemaker and Ashoka Youth Venturer.


She being an integral part of Sri Lanka’s first English environmental music video Make It Green Again, launched the video on behalf of the team in Durban at the first ever Main Side Event given to Sri Lankan youth.

A negotiations tracker, she was able to meet and discuss issues with eminent personalities such as Hon. Gregory Barker, Hon. Chris Huhne, Hon. John Ashton as well as the COP president, Hon. Christiana Figureres. An avid Kyoto Porotocol campaigner, Anoka was part of the historic plenary where the final Durban Package was adopted.

A young star in the field of climate change and environmental protection, Anoka continues to blaze a very green trail forging ahead and inspiring more youth.