Nepal To Lead LDC Coordination Group

Nepal has been selected to chair the Least Developed Countries (LDCs) Coordination Group for two years starting 2013, according to officials.
The decision was made on Thursday during the Bonn Climate Change Conference under the United Nation’s Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) held in Germany from May 14-25.

“This will hopefully enhance our negotiating strength in international climate change forums as we from now on will be representing the LDCs across the globe with a collective voice,” said Krishna Gyawali, secretary at the Ministry of Environment on Friday. Gyawali is representing Nepal as the head of delegation to the Bonn meeting.
Gyawali further said that through this platform Nepal will have the opportunity to make itself seen and heard on addressing climate vulnerability issues concerning least developed mountainous countries through an appropriate channel.
The United Nations has recognised 48 countries including Nepal as LDCs. Gambia representing the African continent has been chairing the LDC Coordination Group for two years since 2011. The LDC Coordination Group was formed in 2001 to raise the concerns of developing countries in a more coordinated approach during the climate change negotiation processes.
“Chairing the group for UNFCCC is a great challenge and an opportunity. However, it depends upon how we act on for two years,” says Batu Krishna Uprety, former Environment Ministry official and vice-chairman of the LDC Expert Group. “Engagement in the UNFCCC process for about 5 years will bring a change for Nepal and we need to keep it up.”
Meanwhile, the MoE has formed a core-negotiating team comprised of government officials, experts and practitioners, among others, which will be leading the country during the annual UNFCCC processes and related forums. “The team will also help the country coordinate effectively as the LDC chair,” said Gyawali.
 Pragati Shahi from Nepal