5th Symposium On Air Resource Management

The 5th Symposium on Air Resource Management was held recently at the TajSamudra Hotel, The symposium was organized by Air Resource Management center for Ministry of Environment.

Speaking at the event Secretary to the Ministry of Environment Mr. B M U D  Basnayake stated discussions on Air quality started since 1992 in Sri Lanka and new measures for indoor air quality will be introduced soon.  The event highlighted how public transportation has decreased in the previous years with a significance increase of private transportation. Speaking at the event Director General of Development of Finance Mr.Don  SJayaweera  explained that 2.9 million vehicles used for transportation in 2011 and traffic demand measures needs to be implemented in the country for transportation.  He further stated that 42% increase of motorcycles while 100% increase of three-wheelers was noticed in the transportation sector in Sri Lanka. It is also highlighted  that during the previous year’s how public transportation had losses in the CTB, Private bus and Railway industry due to private transportation.  Speaking at the event Dr. AnandaMallawathanthri  of UNDP said Sri Lanka still have  clean air to breathe even within a period of  8% economic growth in the country.