Emerging Issues On Trade, Climate Change And Food Security

Regional seminar on emerging Issues on 
Trade, Climate Change and Food Security was concluded recently in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

The two day seminar was held at the Institute of policy studies (IPS) with the presence of Minister of Environment AnuraPriyadarshanaYapa, Former foreign secretary and former secretary general of SAARC ambassador NihalRodrigo, Executive chairman of South Asia Watch on Trade Economics & Environment (SAWTEE)Dr.Posh Raj Pandey& Executive Director for IPS Dr.SamanKelegama. Addressing the gathering MinisterYapa stated that Climate Change is a major environmental issue today and there’s a direct link between the effects of trade on the amount of greenhouse   gas emissions.  The two day seminar was organized by the IPS, SAWTEE and Oxfam Novib. The seminar highlighted that there’s a serious decrease of environment goods and services in the South Asian Region. It is also noted that Sri Lanka & Nepal have increased environment goods and services during the past decade.