More Youth Voice Needed- Says GYBN


Global Youth Biodiversity Network (GYBN), an organization which seeks to unite and empower youth fighting biodiversity loss, hosted a side event at the COP11 of the Convention on Biological Diversity,where delegates from around the globe gathered  to discuss the growing crisis of biodiversity loss.


Representatives of various countries presented the work of the GYBN network, and discussed past work by youth in the Climate Change and Sustainable Development meetings.

After the presentation a discussion on  how to best involve youth in the CBD  process was held among the side event attendees.  ‘Participation in the climate change ‘and ‘sustainable development processes to youth involvement’ were among the discussion topics.

 GYBN committee member Christian Schwarzer said that,there is quite a lot of open communication happening, “ we hope that this can continue to evolve in the next years.”

Participants expressed optimism, noting the possibilities of communications will allow them to propose text for the decisions that will be adopted at COP11, and that if this collaborative approach continues, a real solution for the pressing issues will follow.

 “The more the CBD involves us here, the more we can work collaboratively to protect biodiversity.”

 Said Ravi Theja M, former national coordinator of the Climate Leaders India Network