NGOs Call For Action, Ambition & Equity


At the opening of the biggest climate talks of the year, international experts from NGOs organized in the Climate Action Network (CAN) said the Doha negotiations presented a turning point for world with much that needed to be achieved for COP18 to be branded a success.

CAN called for countries to make Doha about action, ambition and equity. Specifically, called not only for developed countries to sign on to second commitment period of the world’s only legally binding climate treaty, the Kyoto Protocol, but for the nations involved to increase their emission reductions within the treaty and to close the loopholes that existed within it which would let 30 billion tonnes of carbon escape into the atmosphere.

Developed countries also needed to increase their emissions reductions commitments as current pledges were so far inadequate to keep the temperature rise below 2 degrees as well as to lock in finance to support mitigation action by developing nations.