Snow And Rain Warnings As Britain Steadies For Turbulent Weekend


The UK is in for unsettled weather this weekend, with up to 20cm (8in) of snow forecast to cover parts of the north and east, and up to 2.5cm (1in) of rain likely to fall in parts of the south-west.

The Met Office, which has issued a severe weather warning for much of the country, says that Sunday and Monday are likely to be the worst days for snow and rain.

“On Sunday and into Monday, the main risk of snow is going to be for the north and the east of the UK, where areas could see up to 10cm of snow even at lower levels,” said a spokeswoman.

“On higher ground, we could possibly see up to 20cm. It will be quite short lived and although we won’t see any more snow falling on Tuesday or Wednesday, it might not clear until Wednesday when the next band of rain comes through. It’s going to be quite wet in parts of the south-west of the UK, with 20-25mm of rain to the south of the snow.”

Sunday, she added, would be a very unsettled day, with the risk of snow for the north and east and a lot of rain in the west. The Met Office has also warned motorists to take care on icy roads.

Despite the wintry weather, however, there are signs of spring, with daffodil farmers readying the first flowering crops of the new year for harvest.

Against a recent backdrop of torrential downpours, snowfall and plunging temperatures, growers say winter’s grip on the British weather is relenting, giving the common daffodil an opportunity to thrive. Some farmers began their harvests with 2013 barely a week old, though others are now seeing their fields turn a golden yellow.