Austria Torrential Flooding Kills One, Leaves 2 Persons Missing



At least one person died and two other persons reported missing after torrential rains hit Austria on Sunday, according to reports.

The massive rainfall has caused widespread landslides and flooding that forced the evacuation of hundreds of people from their homes.

According to reports, the amount of rainfall that hit some areas for just a few days is equivalent to almost two months’ worth of rain.

The hardest hit areas were the provinces of Upper Austria, Tyrol and Styria. This Sunday’s flooding is considered the worst in some areas in Austria since the big floods of 2002.

That time, the most affected areas were the historic towns along the River Danube. The 2002 floods had been caused by both the quantity of rain and the pace at which it dumped down the tributaries of the Danube, allowing the main river to burst its banks.

The deluge did not only affect Austria that time but a huge part of Europe including Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Romania and Croatia. The floods left dozens of people dead, dispossessed thousands and damaged infrastructure worth billions of euros.