Press Conference To Recycle Plastic And Polythene Waste


Picture by: Iran Lokugamage

A press conference to recycle plastic and polythene waste was held with the presence of the Minister of Environment Susil Premajayntha.  Nearly 5,000,00.00 metric ton of polythene and plastic  is been imported to Sri Lanka, and  450 metric tons of polythene is been released without recycling it back to the environment. Most of them is been released in form of yogurt and ice cream cups.  Speaking at the event Dr.Saranga Alahapperuma stated that we should create a mind set among the public on how to recycle the polythene and plastic  waste without releasing them to the environment.

Further he stated that discussions are underway with vendors associations to recollect the plastic yogurt cups and ice cream cups which is also  to make an income for the public by paying for the collected cups. Speaking at the event Minister of Environment and Renewable Energy Susil Premajayantha stated that a major campaign will be implemented with public sector and companies to recollect the plastic waste for recycling in future. Minister further stated that after the Poson festival Anuradhapura District had a major crisis because of plastic waste and it has now become a health issue in that region.