India Only Major Vehicle Producing Country Without Fuel Saving Standards For Cars


India only major vehicle producing country in the world without fuel saving standards for cars.

By 2030, India will be importing 94 per cent of its crude oil. But the country is making no serious efforts to prepare a fuel saving roadmap for all modes of transport, says CSE.

Estimates show that by delaying enforcement of standards, country is losing enormous quantities of fuel.


This impacts India’s efforts to curtail climate change risks – transport sector fourth largest emitter of heat-trapping greenhouse gases in India

The flip-flop on car fuel conservation standards is delaying standards for other vehicle segments like buses. The bus sector is already facing enormous fuel cost burden because of worsening fuel efficiency of buses. While CNG bus fuel efficiency in Delhi is stagnating, diesel bus fuel efficiency in other cities like Bengaluru are worsening. Increased fuel prices are compounding their operational costs.

While the Indian government is dreaming big on energy security, a nightmare scenario is unfolding which can shatter all its visions of energy independence – the country’s transport sector is merrily guzzling fuel away. More than 40 per cent of the oil and oil products in the country go into running vehicles. In fact, if this guzzling continues unabated, it can virtually wipe out the gains of fuel savings from all other steps, and undermine all efforts at reducing climate change risks as enshrined in the National Climate Change Plan.