We Can Save Our People If Another Tsunami Comes -Says DMC


We’re in a position to save 99% of people if another tsunami comes, Says Siththy Marina Mohamed, Secretary, Ministry of Disaster Management, SriLanka.

Ms.Mohamed made these comments at a seminar concluded recently on Opportunities in  the Disaster Management & Humanitarian Sector. 

She also stated that the tragic Asian tsunami occurred 10 years ago and  as a country we have shown a remarkable achievement in recovering in the aftermath of the tsunami.

The seminar highlighted the potential opportunities  in International Humanitarian sector for Asian and South Asia to show on how the experiences in South Asia will contribute globally in the field of disaster Management.

SriLanka is one of the countries to have a separate ministry for Disaster Management and progress in relief work is way beyond  than other countries in South & East Asia as the region has been totally exposed for natural disasters from the past.

This seminar was organized by RedRlanka along with the representatives RedR UK, RedR Aus and RedR India.