Climate Change Activists Have Reportedly Been Kidnapped


According to reports Climate Change Activists Kateryna Butko is missing along with two other women after they were detained by men in unmarked military uniforms in the city of Armiansk, Ukraine Yesterday.

“We are very concerned about Kateryna’s safety and doing our best to get more information about the situation,” said Hoda Baraka, Global Communications Manager. Ms. Butko is a member of the Ukrainian Youth Climate Association and has played a leading role in many local climate projects, including taking part in the recent Global Power Shift campaign, an effort initiated by that trains and supports young climate activists around the world.
Ms. Butko was detained and taken to an unknown location on Sunday, March 9 with another young activist from the social organization Automaidan, Olexandra Ryazantseva, and a journalist with the  weekly magazine “Ukrayinsky Tyzhden” (“Ukrainian Week”).
Source 350.Org