Water For Life’ Best Practices Award Goes To India And Singapore


“Water for Life “is an UN based project awarded in the commemoration of World Water Day annually. This year the project was awarded in two categories in Best Water Management practices and best participatory, communication, awareness-raising and education practices. 

The purpose of the ‘Water for Life’ UN-Water Best Practices Award is to promote efforts to fulfill international commitments made on water and water-related issues by 2015 through recognition of outstanding best practices that can ensure the long-term sustainable management of water resources and contribute to the achievement of internationally agreed goals and targets contained in the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), Agenda 21 and the Johannesburg Plan of Implementation.

Best water management practices, has been awarded to a project based across agricultural India, The International Water Management Institute (IWMI)-Tata Water Policy Program (ITP).

And the best participatory, communication, awareness-raising and education practices, has been awarded to the ‘NEWater programme’ in Singapore.

“The UN-Water ‘Water for Life’ Best Practices Award is an important prize as it recognizes sustainable practices of water resources. Our future is highly dependent on our ability to manage our resources and at the same time educate and raise awareness around them”, said Mr. Jarraud, Chair of UN-Water. “The winners this year are excellent examples of two organizations that tackle future challenges in a sustainable way”.