Earth Day To Be Observed In All Countries.


The promise of the better planet and the common goal of improving earth are the manifesto of the Earth Day 2014.  Many events were held in many countries to Celebrate World Earth Day 2014.  National Event of SriLanka was held in Puttalam District today.  Numbers of events this year are most likely to increase this time. 

The Earth Day was founded by a US Senator, Gaylord Nelson. There was an oil spilling incident in Santa Barbara of California. After the incident, he decided to found the Earth Day on April 22 in 1970. Almost 20 million enthusiasts had participated in the event. Later in 1990, the celebration became global and the entire world joined hands to make the planet a better place to live. Now close to 200 countries celebrate the Earth Day.

NASA has asked for a selfie for the event and will be making an Earth by using the selfies. NASA said that a Blue Earth will be made and the selfies will be collage to give it a perfect look.

Organizers have asked people to do proper justice towards the Earth.